GRIMOIRE – Enchantments Grimoire

“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”-Roald Dahl

In all of our creations – whether it is food, a book, an email, a recipe, a craft – whatever it is, we imbue it with the magical intent and emotion of choice, being thankful for already having received what we are intending. We “bless” all our creations in this way, as we are creating them. Each and every one.

Use any information you find here, any recipe or any instructions, knowing that we have already instilled our power to it. (See our posts about the power of emotional heart coherence as a fuel for magic.) When you, the third, add your choice (your power) to ours – already in these things – you create stronger magic!

We infuse this same power into the “talismans” we make, the crafts with herbs or oils, the spell jars, the candels, the soap , anything and everything … know it has been individually “blessed” by two (or more) of us. When you add your own blessing, your own magic, you have the strongest power possible.

Any of the talismans we make – whether you would eat it or not – is always made with certified organic ingredients – IF that item has food ingredients in it. We do this because you don’t need the low energy which toxins would bring into the talisman competing with your power. EVERYTHING has an energy, a frequency, and using organic ingredients helps raise the vibration.

Talismans are the tools and props for your magic, but “ … you realize those tools and props are just things you use to put yourself into the right space to access the principles of magic.” You “ … understand that the true value of the props is that the magician can use them to shift into the right space to perform magic, but that same space can be accessed at any time, under any circumstance by simply knowing the rules and using them to your advantage.” -quotes from  The Process Of Magic: A Guide To How Magic Works , by Taylor Elwood


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