Grimoire #3 – The Three Energy Sources Of Magic PART I


Magic has a language, and if we want magic to understand what we want, what we desire as we cast a spell, we need to speak to it in the language it understands. Magic doesn’t care what tools we use. We can use incense, tarot cards, sigils, prayer beads or potions – or ANY of the different things we do or use. Magic happens as a result of one thing only. Magic only graces us with its presence when we speak  it’s language.

The tools we use are our personal expression of how we experience our own power. We use them and they create affirmations and confirmations in our own mind of what we expect. They solidify our choices in our own hearts and minds, and that helps us communicate our desires. But the power to create a change is within us, only. The real ability to speak the language of magic is in our heart and mind, and the coherence they have when they are in alignment with each other. When they communicate with each other. And, when they are talking about the same thing!

To get Magic’s attention, we need to speak its language. We need to have our heart and mind in “coherence”. With coherence, the blending of emotions (from the heart) and thought (from the mind), you are re-writing the “operating system” of your being. But what is coherence, and how do we get it … conjure it … create it? How can we conjure coherence so we are casting in a language magic can understand?

The feeling of “relief” when you finally get something you’ve wanted, when it finally becomes part of your personal and tangible reality, is a feeling or emotion of thankfulness that sends a signal to your body that you got what you want. It’s finally here. Aaahhhhhh!!

You can conjure this feeling on purpose when you bring up a past memory of the feeling and mix it with a thought of something you want now, in the present. (That is when your mind and heart are working together. You are in coherence!) And then you can be (really!) thankful because what you’ve wanted has indeed already occurred. You can be glad about that. You can feel relief about that. Your body – your cells – react to the electromagnetic vibration of your thoughts – YOUR CHOICE. YOUR DECISION of what is in reality now.

Time is linear, but you can imagine anything is right now, in the present. And it is, then. You have DECIDED it exists. The physical form, which follows the thought and feeling, just hasn’t happened yet. But being thankful for it sends the signal to your body that it is real, nonetheless. And then the vibrational energy signatures you put out, the vibrations you then broadcast, are affecting other vibrational energy signatures and changing them. To bring them into your reality. You are in effect creating – you are creating something that wasn’t previously there, you are creating something out of nothing. You are making magic.

To re-write your body’s operating system, and the operating system of the morphic field you live in, send the signal that the future has already happened by conjuring the memory of a past feeling of relief you’ve had. Memories of thankfulness, of relief at receiving a desired wish, is the same for all things, so it doesn’t matter what the thing was that you received. Just conjure, imagine, the memory of the feeling you had, with the new thought of what you want now in mind, and you send a vibrational signal to matter, to the universe, to your personal world – that it already exists. And that is how your magic creates it.

Where you place your attention determines what manifests in your future. By conjuring the feeling and emotion of being thankful, you are creating your magic. You are creating the conditions for your ritual, spell, incantation, invocation, prayers or desired miracles to come into being. You are using – correctly – the power you have within you. You are making – and using – magic.

See our upcoming book to discover how and why this process physically happens in your body.

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Grimoire #2 – The Two Types Of Magic

There are two types of magic and three sources of power, or energy, to fuel your magic.

Just like a computer that needs an operating system to function, your body (the computer) needs a source of information (the operating system) to tell it how to work properly. It can have all the power, all the energy, it needs … but without the focus of an operating system telling the energy what to do and where to go, not much will happen. Without an intelligent operating system as direction the focus is weak.

Your magic is the operating system of your body, your computer. But just like a computer needs to be plugged in to an electrical power source, your body (even with your knowledge of magic) won’t work without its own unique power source, it’s fuel. Your magic needs, and uses, a specific source of power.

There are two types of magic, and three sources of power, or energy, to fuel your magic. Choosing to use the operating system of magic, also known as the creation of miracles, is in alignment with how the structure of the body and mind are made. Choosing to use one or all of the three of the “fuels” to power your magic is also how the structure of the body and mind are made.

Apothecary’s Jar Internal Magic
Apothecary’s Jar Internal Magic

You get your sparkle on when you put all of them together.

Internal magic is magic that is directed towards working on oneself.

It includes working on one’s physical health, and also working through psychological and emotional issues. Internal magic is useful for examining values and beliefs that you have, that you may want to change to be more in alignment with the magic you want to do. (More about this aspect of your identity and how it relates to your magical practice in future posts, publications and in our upcoming book.)

External magic is focused on influencing the environment around oneself.

The purpose of this, as it is in all magic, is to produce a change.

Apothecary’s Jar External Magic
Apothecary’s Jar External Magic

The point of external magic is to produce a physical change, outwardly. A physical change that can be seen, touched or felt either by you and – or – someone else.

Whether the magical works you are choosing to do are for an internal application, or an external application, three “sources of energy” which are universal to all magic will apply. These three energies are the real sources of the magic you do. Your magic can be powered by one of them, by two of them, or by all three.

See the next post in the Apothecary’s Jar newsletter for “The Three Energy Sources Of Magic” .

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Grimoire #1 – The Seven Magical Mirrors of Self Reflection

The idea that you can actually create your world may sound far-fetched, but we hold the power to do so in our minds and spirit.

Many people are coming to this realization with the “law of attraction” movement (sometimes called “New Thought“). They have used it as a way to increase their wealth, attract new jobs, electronics, lost pets, and even to get pregnant. But, there is more to the “law of attraction” than just attracting physical things. We also attract emotions, and spiritual “tests” of sorts. If you are very angry you will attract angry people or situations in which your anger might “get the best of you.” The Seven Essene Mirrors seems to explain this better.

The Essenes were an ascetic Jewish group or sect which existed from around 150 BCE until AD 70. They related to other religious-political groups, such as the Sadducees.
The Essenes have left us a beautiful analysis of human relationships. They separated into seven categories the way we relate in the course of our lives.

Wisely, they called these categories “mirrors.” Every moment of life our inner reality is mirrored in the actions, the choices, the language of the people around us.

The First Mirror

We mirror anger and fear. Do we feel joy and happiness? We echo joy and happiness. The first Essene mirror of human relationships is that of our presence in the present moment. The mystery of the first mirror is focused on what thing we send in the present moment to the people around us. When we are surrounded by individuals and models of behavior in which the feeling of anger and/or fear dominates, or it can be of joy and happiness, the mirror works in every way, what we see in the first mirror is the image of what we are in the present moment.

The Second Mirror

The second mirror tells us about our judgments in the present moment. We can say that it refers to what is imposed on us “subtly.” They are the models that are imposed on us. This mirror suggests the question: “Am I mirroring myself at this moment?” The second essential mirror of human relations has a quality similar to the previous one, but it is a bit subtler. Instead of reflecting on everything we are, it shows what we judge in the present moment. If you are surrounded by people in whom the behavior model causes frustration or triggers feelings of anger or bitterness and realizes that these models are not yours at that moment, then ask yourself, “Are you showing me myself in the present moment?” If you can honestly say no, there is a good chance that it is showing you what you are judging at that moment.

The Third Mirror

This one addresses the sensation we get when we look into someone’s eyes, and we are drawn to it when something magical happens, and we want to spend as much time as possible with this person. The explanation is that we find in these cases something that we have lost, that we leave behind, to survive in this world.

These magical encounters mirror something we have lost, abandoned, or been taken away from. The third essential mirror of human relations is one of the easiest to recognize because we perceive it every time we are in the presence of a person and look into our eyes. Something magical happens at that moment. In the presence of this person, we feel like an electric shock, the hairs are creeping. What happens at that moment? Through the wisdom of the third mirror is allowed access to Innocence, we renounce much of ourselves to survive the experience of life. We can lose without us noticing the self-control exercised by those who have a particular “power” over us.

Sometimes when we are faced with people embodying the same things that we have lost in the past and are looking for to reach our totality, our body expresses a physiological response that we understand as a kind of magnetic attraction for that person. You stand before someone, and for whatever unexplainable reason you feel the need to spend more time with that person, ask yourself, “What is this person have that I have lost or abandoned or been taken away from me?” The answer may surprise you since you have almost always recognized a sense of familiarity with virtually everyone who passes you by. This is the mystery of the third essential mirror of human relationships.

The Fourth Mirror

It is quite different from other mirrors. We talk here about compulsive behaviors and addictions. In this mirror are certain behaviors that give both importance and great value, we eventually reorganize our lives to welcome them. When we talk about addiction, dependence, and compulsion, many people just imagine the drugs and alcohol, which are certainly capable of creating such behaviors. We are not just talking about them, but some more subtle addictions, such as family control, dependence on sex and others.

The Essene fourth mirror of human relations is somewhat of a different quality. Often over the years, we adopt behavioral models that become so important that we can reorganize the rest of our lives to be able to live with them. Often such behaviors are compulsive and could influence the creation of addiction.

The fourth mirror of human relationships allows us to observe ourselves in a state of dependence and compulsion. Through these feelings, we slowly give up the things that are most valuable to us. That is, as we yield to compulsion and addiction, we slowly give up the things we love most.

The Fifth Mirror

Most intense of all mirrors, this mirror refers to the way we live our lives. This mirror shows us how much our parents had influenced our lives. Heavenly Father and Mother, the masculine and the feminine, represent our parents, so everything that refers to how we live our divinity on Earth is related to our parents. Through their relationship or from what we have learned with our parents, our beliefs and vision of God are born. If we always feel judged or have the feeling of “not being able or sufficient in what we do,” it reflects our relationship with our parents.

This allows you to see better and more deeply why we live life in a certain way. The fifth mirror shows us our parents and the interaction with them.

This mirror asks us to admit that our actions about us reflect our beliefs and expectations regarding what is sacred to us, namely our Heavenly Father and Mother, the Sacred Masculine and The Sacred Feminine aspects of our Creator. It is through our relationship with our parents that we realize our beliefs and expectations about God, the creator, or what is most important to us.

The Sixth Mirror

” Dark night of the soul,” this mirror shows that through challenges and difficulties we can overcome with grace and ease. Each difficulty shows us the possibility of overcoming and reaching higher levels of mastery. In this mirror, we can lose everything we have, be naked before the “dark night of the soul” to find trust in Life.

The sixth mirror of human relations has a rather sinister name, it is known by Ageless Wisdom as the “Dark Night of the Soul.” It means that every challenge we face in our lives is a test. These are lessons we must learn to “develop” our soul. However difficult it may be, we must always act calmly, wisely and even a little coldly, not reacting to things, so that we can finally learn from that experience we are going through.

The Seventh Mirror

Often the most subtle and often the most difficult mirror to be accepted. It asks us to believe that any experience in our life is perfect. No matter the result, here we are invited not to follow the limits imposed by others. The only goal and point of reference in our life must be ourselves. It is the simplest, and perhaps the most difficult to be believed. The seventh mystery of human relationships shows you that everything that happens in your life is in Divine Order. Just know this and manage your feelings about events. The Universe takes care of everything entirely.

Use these tools that were left to us so we may become closer each day to the source that we attain our real power and magic from.

Blessed be the ones who came before us and had the love and wisdom to pass this on to us today.

Clarity through learning,

Ronnie Marcia

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